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10 years  / Becky Spurlock (friend)  Read >>
10 years  / Becky Spurlock (friend)
It's been too long. The pain will never go away. I hear certain songs on the radio and I feel as if you're next to me jamming along with me. I miss you every day. I keep your pics on my phone so when I miss seeing you o can look at them. Hope heaven is awesome. See you one day my friend. Close
Happy 30th Birthday  / Becky Spurlock (famil)  Read >>
Happy 30th Birthday  / Becky Spurlock (famil)
Not a day goes by that I don't think about you. Wishing u coulda met my kids. I know u woulda loved them. I wanted to say happy 30th...I know it woulda been an epic party. See u on the other side <3 Close
Untitled / Nicole Brna (Friend)  Read >>
Untitled / Nicole Brna (Friend)


I awake each morning to start a new day

But the pain of losing you never goes away

I go about the things I have to do

And as all the hours pass I again think of you

I want to call you just to hear your voice

Then I remember that I have no choice

For you are not there and now my heart cries

Just to see you again to tell you Good-Bye

To say Ian I miss you and I always will

And hope that much of you in me you've instilled

That day that you left I just didnt know

That you were going to a place that I couldnt go

And now all my memories of you are so dear

But gosh how I miss you and wish you were here

who now can hear me when I need to cry?

It's so hard to tell a friend Good-Bye

Someday I know all will be well

And i'll see you again with stoies to tell

Of how you were missed and how we have grown

And how it's good to finally be home

Until then my memories of you i'll keep near

And i'll pass them on to those who are dear

I miss you Ian Stevens "See you on the other side"

hey bro  / Joseph Malloy (family)  Read >>
hey bro  / Joseph Malloy (family)
hey bro I wish u were around to hang with and see how everyone has turned out how different everyone became after u had to go.I think about all the great times we had wish we could've done more i miss u bro hope u can see us from up there most of all I hope u've seen my son wish u could have been here to hold him you would have been his godfather for sure. you better hold a seat for me man when i get there we r going to have lots to talk about. i love you brother joe Close
Wish you where here  / Larry Malloy (Friend)  Read >>
Wish you where here  / Larry Malloy (Friend)
So much has happened since you've been away. Sometimes seems like your right here with us. Savannah is about to start 2nd grade this year. I was thinking the other day about you and me painting her nursery and you came over in the new mustang. She has to get her tonsils taken out this week and its her first surgery i know its a common one but any time anesthesia can be a problem. If your not to busy if u could keep an eye on her I would appreciate it. You where supposed to be her god father. Put in a good word for me too love u brother. Larry Close
Ian 7/15/11  / Mom Paula (mom)  Read >>
Ian 7/15/11  / Mom Paula (mom)


just a short Hi and see are things are going now that you and Gram are together i bet you had a smile as big as ever when you got the news she was coming we miss her already just the fact you can't go see her when you want is the hard thing well hope you are having a party and don't worry about us we'll be there someday too....xoxoxox.. love you both

Merry Christmas  / Paula Kaminski (mom)  Read >>
Merry Christmas  / Paula Kaminski (mom)

Christmas in Heaven

I see the countless christmas trees

Around the world below

With tiny lights like Heavens stars

Reflecting on the snow.

The sight is so spectacular

Please wipe away that tear

For I am spending Christmas

with Jesus Christ this year.

I hear the many Christmas songs

That people hold so dear

But the sounds of music can't compare

With the Christmas chior up here.

For I have no words to tell you

The joy their voices bring

For it is beyond description

To hear an angle sing.

I know how much you miss me

I see the pain inside your heart

But I am not so far away

We are really not apart.

So be happy for me dear ones

you know I hold you dear

And be glad I am spending Christmas

With Jesus Chirst this year.

I send you each a special gift

From my Heavenly Home above

I sent you each a memory

Of my undying Love.

For after all "Love" is a gift

More precious then pure gold

It was always most important

In the stories Jesus told.

So please love and help each other

As my Father said to do

For I can not count the blessings

Or the loive he has for you.

I can't tell you of the splendor

or the peace here in this place

Can you just imagine Christmas

With our Savior face to face.

I'll ask him to lift your spirit

As I tell him of your love

So then pray for one another

As you lift your eyes above.


So please let your heart be joyful

And let your spirits sing for I am

spending Christmasin Heaven

and I am walking with the King!!!

Love you Mom

as the word bends  / Corrine Rein (friend)  Read >>
as the word bends  / Corrine Rein (friend)
 as the world bends it tends to change shape. the world is full of crazy bad things but along with that crazy good things are always there. my life everyday being blessed. remember all the ppl who are not with us and live everyday like its ur last. watch over if ya can......we will see u again. Ian. Close
Ian / Mom 10/23/10   Read >>
Ian / Mom 10/23/10
Yesterday has been and gone
Tomorrow will I find the sun
Or will it rain 
I say goodbye to romance
Goodbye to friends I tell you-
Goodbye to all the past
I guess that we'll meet
We'll meet in the end
I've been the king I've been the clown
Now broken wings can't hold me down
I'm free again
The jester with the broken crown
it won't be me this time around
To love in vien
We'll meet We'll meet in the end......
Love you Mom 
Ian / Mom 10/22/10   Read >>
Ian / Mom 10/22/10
Thinking of you today thinking about a few months before you left us that talk you and I had when you told me you wouldn't  be here much longer I think about that alot and wonder now if you knew you'd be leaving I've heard your life is planned out when you are born and how long you are here is part of that plan maybe you knew something I just wish I knew more and had more time. I think we had a good life together it was to short but we had some good times I hope you know how loved you were and still are You should know how much you are missed. It makes me so sad that Zak(Ryans son) will never know you he'll know all about you  Araya already knows alot about you. I know I'm rattling on but I miss talking to you and seeing your face I miss getting you pissed at me telling me I'm going to blow up your phone calling it so much I miss all the little things that made you the person that you were. i think alot about the things you'd do some times I wondered what was you thinking. you were a fun loving and a caring person you were there when i needed you to be and we had lots of good times I will miss you til I see you again.....All my Love Mom      
missing you  / Mom   Read >>
missing you  / Mom
I'm missing you more the last few days sometimes it's like this days are more difficult then others. Zak sure is getting big you would have been the best uncle and really enjoyed him and Araya they got cheated out of a good thing and they'll never know I'm sorry just one of those days. I love you and sure wish you were here. Close
b-day / Mom   Read >>
b-day / Mom
Happy Birthday old man 27 you guys are making me old i can hear you laughing about that. sure hope you had a good b-day and maybe you were with Bear and Alexis i wanted b-day cake i did get you cake in the past but didn't this year now i want some you know cake is my favorite from krogers is the best well anyway hope you had the best and i love you lots xxooxoxo sending you big hugs and kisses love you mom.... Close
Happy Birthday.....  / Nicole Brna (Friend)  Read >>
Happy Birthday.....  / Nicole Brna (Friend)
Happy Birthday Ian.... I still miss you everyday. As ozzy says "I'll see you on the other side". Close
hope / Corrine Rein (friend)  Read >>
hope / Corrine Rein (friend)
thinking of you. times are sad. but life is sweet. remembering the good times.........love. Close
Thinking............-.... / Tracy   Read >>
Thinking............-.... / Tracy

Well time is flying by way to fast. I havent had a computer or anyway to write to you on here but you know I think of you always. I keep in touch still with ur family of course you know that too.  Its really wierd. I work at the same company with allen and we had worked together on the anniversary. Right time right place. I am glad I was there with him.  Please do me a favor and keep a eye on Bri. Everynight for the longest time I sit in a different room and i can hear her sobbing and asking for daddy ian. Its really hard!! She just has not been able to take in any of this I dont think.  I have tried many different ways to get her to cope with things but you impacted her life so much that this is going to take awhile and alot of praying to help her. She goes to the doc on the 30th so that might help me with a few ideas. but asking u to help will also be great.  She talks to you all the time. I only know this cuz I hear her.. just wish i could hear what you say back.   Wow lil girl is gonna be 10!! You always did say like mother like daughter and yes she is!!.. lol   Ethan is getting so big I wish you two could of met. but you will.....   Well im gonna make this short this time. I have to work tomarrow. I love you and miss you dearly. Be expecting Bri to be writing to you too....  she cant wait to get her lil fingers on this keyboard.. Shes just like u in sooooo many ways.   You installed alot in her and im glad she carried them thru with her...... please watch over her.... send her ur love like you have been... huggs

Brought Back Memories  / Sarah Messer (High School Friend )  Read >>
Brought Back Memories  / Sarah Messer (High School Friend )

I had to smile I was going through a box of pictures the other day and I found the ones of the New Years Party we had and I found one of you sleeping all trying to fit in the hot tub I couldnt help but laught it sure brought back some funny times I miss you

still holding on  / We Love You   Read >>
still holding on  / We Love You


Time has pasted but it still seems like yesterday that you left I don't know if thats a good thing or not I'm I holding on to much should I let a part of you go I'm I holding on to some kind of false hope I can't let go of that day time has gone bye but it still seems like yesterday.

Oh this is halarious...  / Nicole Anderson (firnd)  Read >>
Oh this is halarious...  / Nicole Anderson (firnd)
See I love you with all my heart Ian and as you know I have a stalker and you never knew her at all but she wrote on here and acted as if she were a friend. I will say what goes around comes around right Krin. I'm done pretending like I dont know whats going on. So keep on doing what your doing like checking my myspace and facebook and writting on my friends page. Honey you'll get yours. Muah. That kind of rude sick thig to do write on my best friends page to get to me. What kind of sick bitch are you. Oh yeah the kind that doesnt give two shits about a dead person. Dont ever write on this page again. And his sister will here about this. Sorry about this Ian's mom that's not right I had to put my cents in. Close
missin you!  / Krin Neal (friend)  Read >>
missin you!  / Krin Neal (friend)

thinkin of you always!

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