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7/24/06 / Mom   Read >>
7/24/06 / Mom
Sending lots of love to you always..... Close
Remember Me  / 7/16/06   Read >>
Remember Me  / 7/16/06

Remember Me

To the living, I'am gone. To the sorrowful, I will never return.
To the Angry, I was Cheated. But to the happy, I'am at peace,
and to the faithful, I have never left.
I cannot speak, but I can listen. I cannot be seen but I can be heard.
So as you stand upon the shore, Gazing at the beautiful sea remember me
As you look in awe at the mighty forest and it's grand majesty,
remember me
Remember me in your hearts, in your thoughts,
the memories of the times we loved, the times we cried, 
times we laughed and the life I lived....
For if you always think of Me,
I will never be gone......

Long time  / Nikki Y. (friend)  Read >>
Long time  / Nikki Y. (friend)
It's been a long time since I've been here.  I didn't mean to neglect you, I promise.  I've just had a ton of things going on. 

Happy belated birthday!  You'd have been 23 this year.  Gettin' old and all that.

We all miss you.  That's not a shocker, eh?  I hope wherever you are, you're happy.  And I hope you'll guide us all through this life.  Stand beside us when we need it most.

I changed your background.  That was the least suckiest one, lol.  I tried to change your background music.  It wasn't being nice, though, and wouldn't let me.  So, John Lennon can continue on with his bad self.

I wish things were different.  I wish you were here.  No matter how hard we all wish, we can't change things.  So, most of us make peace with it.  Those who don't, need you most.  Hold their hand until they do.

I'll be seeing you,
Nik Close
Sorry it's a day late  / Litia   Read >>
Sorry it's a day late  / Litia
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Happy 23rd Birthday  / Nikki Anderson (Friend)  Read >>
Happy 23rd Birthday  / Nikki Anderson (Friend)

Happy Birthday Ian. I went to visit you today. I'm glad someone put the cross I left you in the flower holder thing because when I left it there was nowhere to put it and I just stuck it in the ground. I bought it because it reminded me of you the cross and all because your neclace looked like that kind of like ozzy. I did play Ozzy for you today and it made me cry. This is another birthday without you and it really sucks my birthday is Monday and you used to be the first to call me on it and take me out and we paid for eachother actually got free drinks lol. I thought I would be ok thinking.... "Well atleast I have Phil top keep me sane and my mind off things." But i'll be all alone now because he is leaving Sunday at noon for a business trip and wont be back till the following Mon. I'll just sit and watch law in order lol. Well I better lay down and get some sleep I guess i'm supposed to sleep when the baby sleeps but I can't tell if it's sleeping or not. He or She does move around alot though. Well i'm sure i'll see you in my dreams and hey don't forget to remember me k. I love ya Later.


From Araya  / To Ian   Read >>
From Araya  / To Ian
,hnnnn / Araya   Read >>
,hnnnn / Araya
This one is from Araya, Happy Birthday Uncle Ian....  Close
7/5/06 / MOM   Read >>
7/5/06 / MOM
7/5/06 / MOM   Read >>
7/5/06 / MOM
Happy Birthday Ian. Another birthday without you here, another year filled with tears. I hope you can feel all the love we send you each and everyday and all my hopes and prayers that we will be together again someday.....
 I love you always and forever HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY IN HEAVEN, I MISS YOU TERRIBLY.                                   MOM
Happy 4th  / Nikki Anderson (Friend)  Read >>
Happy 4th  / Nikki Anderson (Friend)
Hey Ian Happy 4th of July. I know it was one of your favorite times of the year besides holloween only because you can get drunk two days in a row one day on the 4th then followed by your birthday. Well anyway, I got my first aultra sound . it was beautiful I about cried. It kept turning and flipping around it was weird. It's heartbeat was really strong. Well i'll be hitched next month. Were getting a house right accross the street from my cousin Michelle and two houses away fron cousin Joey. I already cant wait to meet y baby boy or girl. Everyone says i'm going to have a boy because my belly is hanging low and my hips are a little bigger and I have a big but now lol. Now i'm really tank ass lol. It will go away. Phil is giving me $200.00 to get some new clothes since I have none now and his mom is taking me shopping for my birthday. I am so tired we had our block party today so i'm gonna get some shut eye. You'll see me Wed. Love You. TTYL. 

5-3-06 / Mom   Read >>
5-3-06 / Mom
5-3-06 / MOM   Read >>
5-3-06 / MOM
Ian, Loving you and missing you so much...... Close
Our Angels Received Their Wings  / Kim Derby (  Read >>
Our Angels Received Their Wings  / Kim Derby (
Thank you for visiting my daughter' site.  I am so sorry for the loss of your son.  He is very loved and missed by so many.  I know the pain that  ya'll  are going thru.  No parent should have to bury a child.  No one really understands the rollercoaster of emotions that we are enduring unless they have experienced the death of a child.  God Bless Ya'll, Kim Derby Close
hello sweetie  / Leatha Mccray (friend)  Read >>
hello sweetie  / Leatha Mccray (friend)
hey there Ian i am sorry it's been a while. so much has been going on in my life. I just wanted to say i miss you sooo soo much Ian. i just wish you were here so there would be no more sadness for anyone. exspesialy your mommy. I never met her, but when she writes to u she is so deep in her words even if it is only to tell you hi and she loves you. Man I just wish we could all see you again even for one day. Just to see that great Ian smile would be good. Sweetie I love you and miss you like crazy. My sexy lil onion butt!! I will never ever forget you. 
Love leatha 
Sorry it's been so long....  / Nikki Anderson (Friend)  Read >>
Sorry it's been so long....  / Nikki Anderson (Friend)
Ian sorry it's been so long. My computer is still messed up so now I have a laptop. I have been so busy being pregnant planning a wedding that's in 4 months working and school. How do I do it I have no idea. My fiance and I got a really great house. It's beautiful. I'm happy with the way my life is going right now and nothing can ruin it. I think you would finally be proud of me too. I hope you look over my little one as if you would if you were alive I know you would. I wish I could share this with you. my friends gave me a new nick name though MAMA NAE. I feel happey at times but I know there's something missing from my heart. Nothing can ever replace it. Well I better get some shut eye long day tomorrow. I miss you Ian I will see you soon in my dreams that is. Love you.

Nikki Anderson Close
MOM / 5/20/06   Read >>
MOM / 5/20/06
Hey Ian,
         Mom again. Ryan was here for a little while and I felt better but now it hurts again all over don't know if it's just me or it I'm geting something ....Haven't quite been feeling up to much, been thinking of you alot and wondering when things will get better or if they do? Does this feeling lift at all, I sure wish you would help me, I miss you so much. Some times I just think what you Ian do or things I see on T.V. I can hear you laugh and say That's some stupid #@#@#@$$%__...I try to think of good times and fun things but everything ends up the same. What do you think of Araya, she helps me in some ways and in some ways I think of you She likes PB&J sandwiches and she falls on the floor and cries when she doesn't get her way   AND Lindsay is a Ozzy nut like you she thinks she is Ozzy's daughter....You should have known her I think that whole thing is weird. Well I gotta go for now, Remember I loveYou Always   
Thank you  / Litia Nolan (Friend)  Read >>
Thank you  / Litia Nolan (Friend)
Thank  you  for  watching over Jordon.  I really didn't think she was going to make it.  Monica would never have been the same again.   So many things have been going on lately.   I wanted to make sure you know that I am always thinking about you.  Not a day goes by where I don't.    Also Chase says hi.  Well I am planning on seeing you this Sunday.  I am sorry I haven't been there in a while.  I will start coming more often. Close
thinking / 5/15/06   Read >>
thinking / 5/15/06
                     Hey, It's me sitting here thinking I thought the saying was time heals all wounds, well can anyone tell me when this starts getting better because  I've yet to see any change. I still feel empty, something missing, lonely, broken I'm just here because Then people say you have to let go a little SURE.....Easy to say How do you let go of something you no longer have but wish like crazy you did...How do you keep putting on that happy face when deep inside your just here because. when dose it get better or do we just learn to live saddness?   
    Ian, I love you and miss you every minute of every day....
yesterday.... / Nick Francis (friend)  Read >>
yesterday.... / Nick Francis (friend)
We had a show yesterday Ian, and it's never the were die-hard about coming to support us and hang out. I remember how you always harped on me for having a new guitar, getting another one next month,lol. I still have the leather jacket you gave me and I wear it all the time. I know you know all this already ready but other people don't and I know how much it would mean to your family to read different stuff. 

We(hatred divine) were playing a show and Ian was there with us(like always), we were all kinda tired of listening to the bands before us. Some song comes on the radio and he is like "F&#% this!" Well one of the parents from the band that was playing thought Ian was talking about them. So we all started yelling at this guy and going off on him. It was fun...later that night Ian gave me this leather Jacket with red tribal on it....didn't ask for anything. He just knew I wanted it and gave it to me cuz he was/is my friend. He never really missed a show at all.

Sitting at wendy's watching him argue with andy and steve was always hilarious, of course I was eating free food whenever I came in there...they would always try to mess my stomach up with these chicken sanwichs with all this frickin' cheese on it....Ian would say "nick, what size frosty you want?...I didn't ask for one ian...."I said what size!" 

I hope this makes someones day....Bil schmitz runs our website and he put this link on here so everyone can read, later Ian.

HATRED DIVINE plays in your memory everytime we hit the stage.....miss you dude.

-Nick Close
5/1/06 / Mom   Read >>
5/1/06 / Mom
Hi Sweetie,
             Well your little brother turned 21 today. I know you were with him and celebrating and also watching over him.... Please continue to do that for me Life is hard enough without you here to brighten our days and make us laugh. I know Ive said it a million times and I'll say it a million or two more, I miss you so much Life will never be the same and some days I just want to get through it. Thank -you for the few dreams I had I woke up crying but they seemed so real.....Remember Mom Loves YOU Always and Forever.
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