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Miss you  / To Ian MOM   Read >>
Miss you  / To Ian MOM

 Biker Ian, It's been sometime I know i MISS YOU THE SAME AND WILL LOVE YOU ALWAYS.... yOUR GRAN-MA IS DOING REALLY GOOD  I KNOW you have been with her, because that's the way you are,  there when someone needs you.I got your "99" yearbook from Ken's Mom, I can't remember you looking the way you did in that pic you really loooked different but you had a few different looks in your short time. Well I got to get going I'll be going to work soon Talk to you later lots of love....Mom  

Paula Please Read  / Renee Myers   Read >>
Paula Please Read  / Renee Myers
Hi Paula,

I have Ian's 1999 yearbook and thought you would like to have it, please contact me...we're in the same place and in the phone book.  I hope you're all doing well, I think of you often.  I can't tell you how many times I think I see Ian and get ready to wave or honk then remember.  I used to see him around town all the time and I really miss him but I also know the good die young and he's in a much better place.  Everytime I think of him the first picture that comes to mind is his smile and I find myself smiling....I think Ian may have something to do with that!  

I can only imagine how hard this is for you.  Please know that you're in my thoughts often and let all the good times and happy memories help you through this.

Take Care,
Renee Myers (Ken's Mom) Close
Tina G. Stephenson  / James H. Roddy, Jr (Friend)  Read >>
Tina G. Stephenson  / James H. Roddy, Jr (Friend)
To Family and Friends:

I wanted to express my sincere sympathy for your loss at this time.  James was a special person and a dear friend and we are praying for you .  We must remember that our loss is Heaven's gain.  Apostle Paul said "to be absent from this body is to be present with the Lord".

Wish I could have been there with you during this time, but due to cirumstances beyond my control, I just wasn't able to.  You will continue to be in our thoughts and prayers.

With love to all,

Tina G. Stephenson Close
5/1/07 / Ian   Read >>
5/1/07 / Ian
                          IAN,         I know it's ben awhile this computer don't work right half the time. Well today is Ryan's b-day we sure wish you were here with us. Days like today are very hard, it's hard to smile when you are torn inside I'm happy for Ryan but missing you at the same time it just isn't right to be so mixed up I know you are with us but it's not always enough......Well I'm gonna get remember I love you very much and hope we are together again I tell myself we will be just to get by at times. The day of Glory, Happiness and Joy. All my love to you....MOM  Close
2/28/07 / Mom   Read >>
2/28/07 / Mom
      I don't know why people come here and write about other people and guess letting them use your site as an exampel wasn't such a good idea in a way, but you  probably could care less..... 
jay baldridge my uncle  / Jay Baldridge (uncle)  Read >>
jay baldridge my uncle  / Jay Baldridge (uncle)

jay was loved by many people. he was verry special to me, he was a verry special man. i dident get to see him verry much. i rember back when i came to kentucky to visent my grandpa. jay lived a cross the field and we used to set out on the front porch and sing christian songs. i always looked forword to the time i spent with jay and his family. my name at that time was patricia smith im florence smiths daughter. if any wants to get in touch with me expely tommy tell him his cousin said im realy sorry about his loss. and if he wants to call me he can reach me at 1513)423-6148 or at1513)435-0324 thats my cell phone no. we couldent make it down there my mom florence sends her respects and so do i. florence is jays sister. again im realy sorry.

Ian / Mom   Read >>
Ian / Mom
Just wanted to say I love you and still miss you so very much. It seems the days go best when I put you in the back of my thoughts and just act as it's a normal everyday, but then it usual comes to surface later that night and all hell breaks loose with my feelings. sometimes it's easier to think of you as just being out then gone, gone seems so final. I wish I really knew if you are really with us at times and if the things that I think are signs from you are really that or maybe we just watch too much T.V. If I had the answers to that it would help alittle but I don't know if it's just what you believe and believing in that makes us feel better or like some people say, death is final... this could make you crazy....well i will go now remember I love you..... 
looking for Bill Schmitz  / Mom 2/13/07   Read >>
looking for Bill Schmitz  / Mom 2/13/07

looking for Bill. Sorry to use this site Ian, but your Mother is looking for Bill Schmitz, So if anyone reads this and can get ahold of Bill let him know that Paula Ian's mother is  looking for him and he can reach her through Ryan.....Thanks, 
I love you Ian, MOM

feeling from mom  / Mom 2/4/07   Read >>
feeling from mom  / Mom 2/4/07

Loving You

Loving you the way a Mother loves a Son 
wasn't enough to keep you safe, 
Years of worring about you
in this disturbed world we live in
and all the sick and tormented people
in todays surroundings. I have bit my tounge 
long enough, I live with the pain and the empty
feeling of not having you, my Son here with me,
 with us, the pain of missing you when I hear your 
name or a thought comes to me about you the tears I'v 
cried and will cry the lost feeling, the numbing, all I 
feel Thanks to a friend. I don't think we need friends 
like that. I ask myself Why, Why didn't you listen to me
when I told you to stay away, well I guess the answer I
get is you were a caring person and you were helping out 
and doing all you could Well I guess this is the 
THANKS WE GET. I know I'm still mad as hell.......
Love you always, MOM  

Within These White-Washed Clouds  / Anita Fernandez (Friend)  Read >>
Within These White-Washed Clouds  / Anita Fernandez (Friend)
So I tried to sweep up the dirt
under the pale entanglement of chaos
and pretend it wasn't your body she found.

After eight-hundred thirty one days
I still avoid speaking your name.
Eight years of not having to love you I still do.

Every day succumbing to a new life
of the trying to forget
that I couldn't be enough to keep you safe.

We all climbed aboard your crazy train
being sick and tired of being sick and tired
and black no longer seems dark enough.

So I'll sweep up the hurt
behind the palor of my corroded smile
and pretend it wasn't your body we buried.

I'm sorry I haven't written sooner.  I'm still trying to cope with seeing Ian everywhere I go.  I know the pain for you must be unbearable.
I pray for you everyday.
firefighter / Jack Vipond (fellow firefighter )  Read >>
firefighter / Jack Vipond (fellow firefighter )
I worked with Charlie many years on the same fire machine.  He was a good firefighter and always fun to work with.  He was amember of our Peoria Firefighter Retirees Club and last nite we had our monthly meeting. As always we were fighting fires from the past and Charlie's name was brought up more than once. The  family of Charlie has my condolences  and if it is any consolation to you, we know he is without pain and is with our Father in Heaven. Close
Ian / 1\16\07 Mom   Read >>
Ian / 1\16\07 Mom

The moment that you died
My heart split in two
The one side filled with memories
and the other died with you

I often lie awake at night
While the world is fast asleep
and I take a walk down memory lane 
with tears upon my cheeks

Remembering you is easy
I do it everyday
But missing you is a heartache
That never goes away

I hold you tightly in my heart
and there you will remain
Life goes on without you
will Never be the same.....

Ian, this is the real truth. I only wish I knew why....
We take one day at a time, some go alittle
easier and some not so good....some days it's o.k. to
just let go and have a good cry, those days are the hardest.
            I will miss you til the day I can't miss you no more
because we'll be together and I will love you forever.....

She's here....  / Nicole Anderson-Brna (Friend)  Read >>
She's here....  / Nicole Anderson-Brna (Friend)
Lily Marie Brna made it here. It was a beautiful journey.Born Dec 30th @ 11:27 AM  6 lbs 14 oz 19 inche long. Lots of dark hair, big eyes, olive skin she's to perfect. I can't describe it. She's hooked to me though every since she got here she won't let me out of her sight. If she doesn't see me or if i'm not holding her she will cry. Last night she had to sleep with me and Phil because she cried for two hours till I finally grabed her. Phil tried everything I felt so bad. She just want's her mother. And I did nothing to make her this way. I see her doc tomorrow so we'll see what he says. Well I have to go now it's hard to type with her sleeping on me.  Love you Ian and tell my brother happy birthday  and I love him. Watch over my little girl up there. Close
12/25/06 / Mom   Read >>
12/25/06 / Mom

In Memory

You didn't know the tears you cried
fell to rest on angel's wings;
Bonding earthly sorrow with the joy
that Heaven's promise brings.

The angel carries forth two tears
and will not let them part,
Forever they are joined as one;
They blend to form a heart.

A memory of your dear love gone,
A promise of good things to come, 
One tear is sorrow for the pain,
One tear is joy for Heaven's gain.

Anyday Now....  / Nicole Anderson-Brna (Friend)  Read >>
Anyday Now....  / Nicole Anderson-Brna (Friend)
Hey Ian. Well i'm do anyday now. I can't wait i'm tired of being pregnant. The longest nine months of my life. Phil want's here now so he could get off work for a week that lazy ass lol. He said he wants to bite her little fingers and toes. lol. He's going to be the cutest dad ever. Her room look awsome. I just finished it. It's done in Butterflies. I wish she could of had the chance to meet you. You were so great with kids. She would have loved uncle Ian. Please look over her when she's here. I don't want her to make the mistakes I did. I know noone is perfect but I keep imagining this perfect little girl that never frowns and just goes about her own business. But I know it will all be different but all I can do it try to make the best life for her right. I want to be the mom she's proud to have. Well I have to get going. Have things to do but just so you know I think about you everyday. You were a great friend. Not just to me but everyone. And I hope everyone has found peace because noone deserves to go through what we all have been through. Close
Damnit you need to be here !!!  / Tracy (Special Friend )  Read >>
Damnit you need to be here !!!  / Tracy (Special Friend )
I really wish you were here right now,
because I'm not okay.
I really wish I could bring you back,
and I wish that you would stay.

I really wish I could get over you,
because the grief never ends.
I really wish you never left me,
because my heart never mends.

I really wish I could turn back time,
and get back the people I miss.
I really wish you were by my side,
when I'm having days like this.

I really wish I could talk to you again,
because nobody else wants to know.
I really wish you would come back to me,
so I didn't have to let you go.

I really wish my heart would stop breaking,
so I could finally begin to heal.
I really wish someone else understood me,
because I don't know how I feel.

I really wish you were with me now,
because I need you more than ever.
I really wish I could bring you back,
and that you'd stay with me forever. Close
Ian / Litia Nolan (Friend)  Read >>
Ian / Litia Nolan (Friend)
Hey Ian!!  I know it's been a while but I have been so busy.  Sometimes I just don't know what I am doing, and I really try to imagine what you would tell me to do. It still is so hard not having you to turn to when stuff gets rough.  I miss you so much and I always will.  Close
Love always  / I. Miss You   Read >>
Love always  / I. Miss You
      This is one of my favorite pictures of Ian  I miss you so  much.
M / Peter Jonsson   Read >>
M / Peter Jonsson
m Close
I love you Ian, Paula plz read !!!  / Tracy Mckenzie (Special Friend )  Read >>
I love you Ian, Paula plz read !!!  / Tracy Mckenzie (Special Friend )
She sits filled with questions,
in her broken heart.
Alone her mind remembers,
the one she called sweetheart.

Her tears start falling down,
over a life full regret.
And she know's the pain she feels,
will be so hard to forget.

As a tear rolls off her cheek,
she cries for the one she misses.
she knows it's to late to say she's sorry,
as time keeps turning pages.

she trys to move on with life,
but those questions haunt her mind.
And she asks herself that question,
of why she was so blind.

For maybe if she showed her heart,
he'd still be here with her,
But today all her questions,
are looking kind of grimm.

Today her questions are held,
in her thoughts and prayers to find.
And as the years keep on passing,
those questions start fading from her mind.

Her age takes control,
and she wonders whats wrong

why should she  be feeling this regret for so so so  long

theres things that she needs to say that people just dont understand... i never thought i would make him feel less of a kind hearted man ... 

I regret for the things ive said and i take back for yesterday, but can someone please tell me how i could get ian back to stay ????
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